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Shore Excursions

Sicily Shore Excursions

It is possible to book a car for 4 people or a minivan for up to 8 people.

The destination from the point of docking of the cruise ship is from the Port of Catania and Port of Messina:


Once the reservation is made, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. With a second confirmation email, sent 48 hours before the transfer, you receive the EMERGENCY number, to which you can send an SMS ONLY in case of delays, flight cancellations or unforeseen events. This number is also visible in the booking summary.
In case of reservations made less than 48 hours in advance, the EMERGENCY number will be sent as soon as possible, compatibly with the availability of the operator.

For cancellations or changes requested less than 24 hours before the trip you must send a text message to the EMERGENCY telephone number, indicating the booking data. We remind you that to make cancellations or changes must always be respected the Terms and Conditions. We also remind you that changes communicated less than 24 hours in advance on the transfer are subject to availability. For cancellations or amendments requested with more than 24 hours advance on the scheduled transfer time, please use the CONTACTS page, communicating the booking data and the data to be modified. The transfers to be made on SATURDAY, SUNDAY and MONDAY can be changed via this link only by 3:00 pm on the previous FRIDAY. If you request a change without communicating all the information you will be contacted by e-mail or telephone from our customer service , but this will entail considerable delays. The clients are solely responsible for the data provided (telephone numbers, addresses, number of passengers and baggage, flight arrival and departure times, possible connection problems of their mobile phones). In the event that erroneous information is provided regarding one of these points, or if the Terms and Conditions are not respected, AutoserviziParlatore.com will be entitled to charge the card with the full amount of the service, as it appears in the Terms and Conditions that the customer accepts when booking.


  • The driver waits for the client at the gate exit, with a sign with his name on it.
  • At the time of service, the customer’s mobile phone must be on, as the transport company may need to contact him.
  • If the client does not see the driver, please do not leave: the driver may be in the immediate vicinity. You can call him, or send him a text message.
  • The client is advised to wait for the driver to arrive: he usually reaches the place five or ten minutes after the time indicated on the booking form.
  • For security reasons, we advise you to compare the booking data with the driver when you encounter him. In the chosen meeting point you can find more private taxis and if you do not check the reservation number you risk getting on a taxi for other people.
  • Customers who have booked a return transfer are reminded that the confirmation email is valid for both routes.
  • In case the customer forgets to cancel the service, in case it does not appear, and in any case does not respect the Terms and Conditions, AutoserviziParlatore.com is authorized to withdraw the entire amount of the transfer from his credit card.